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Weight Loss Calculator

This calculator allows you to experiment with different daily calorie (or, joule) deficits, to see how they will affect your rate of weight loss. It can be accessed from the "Tools" menu.

Daily Calorie or Joule Deficit

By changing the daily calorie (or joule) deficit, you can see what the impact will be on your weight in the future in the bottom portion of the window. Specifically, you can see how much weight you will lose each Week, Month, and Year, based on the daily calorie or joule deficit that you specify.

Predicting Future Weight Loss

The lower portion of the window allows you to enter your current weight, and experiment with different weight loss strategies. You can enter a specific weight goal, and see when you will achieve this goal (assuming the calorie or joule deficit currently displayed). Or, you can enter a date in the future, and predict what you will weigh on that date.

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