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WeightWare comes with several built-in tools to help you analyze your weight and health data. These can be accessed from the "Tools" menu on the main WeightWare window. To learn more about each of these tools, click on one of the screen shots below.

Body Mass Index Calculator

This tool allows you to calculate and interpret your Body Mass Index (BMI), and your weight percentile compared to US averages.
Learn more about the Body Mass Index Calculator

Body Fat Calculator

This tool will estimate your body fat percentage, using formulas developed by the US Dept. of Defense.
Learn more about the Body Fat Calculator

Metabolic Rate Calculator

This tool allows you to quickly estimate your "Metabolic Rate" - the number of calories (or, joules) that you need to consume each day to maintain your current weight.
Learn more about the Metabolic Rate Calculator

Weight Loss Calculator

This tool will estimate how fast you will lose weight, and what you will weigh in the future, based on your daily calorie deficit.
Learn more about the Weight Loss Calculator

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