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WeightWare comes with more than two dozen built-in graphs, for quickly viewing your weight, health, and exercise history. They can also alert you when your weight program is getting off track, before it becomes a problem. Some sample graphs are shown below.

Note: WeightWare depends on your daily weight entries to produce its graphs and statistics. It will take a couple of weeks entering your weight before WeightWare has enough data to produce useful results. Within 2-4 weeks, your underlying weight patterns will begin to emerge, so stick with it!

30 Day Daily Calorie Trend

This is a very important graph, and one that is unique to WeightWare. Each day plotted in the graph shows your "30 Day Calorie Trend". This information can help you to stay on track in your weight loss program, by providing you with advanced warning of problems. When the blue trend line is below zero it means you are losing weight. If the blue trend line is moving up towards zero...watch out! It's time to adjust your diet and/or exercise to get back in control.

In this graph, you can see that the weight loss trend was good until around April 18th. After that, the trend showed less and less weight loss until May 5th when it went above zero (meaning weight gain). This was over two weeks of warning that weight loss was slowing down! By paying attention to this information, you can adjust your diet and exercise program to keep your weight loss plan on the right track.
Your weight and weight trend can be graphed over any time period.

Blood Pressure

WeightWare can quickly graph out any of your recorded health information. If you have a home blood pressure monitor, you can use this to keep track of your blood pressure over time.
Your blood pressure can be graphed over any time period that you choose.

Body Measurements

You can record various body measurements in WeightWare, and see how they have changed over time.
Your body measurements can be graphed over any time period.

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