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Body Fat Calculator

You can use this tool to easily estimate your Body Fat Percentage. It uses formulas developed by the US Department of Defense, and only requires a few simple body measurements. Based on the Defense Department's research, these body fat estimates should be reasonably accurate for most adults (they use these same estimates as part of their physical fitness standards testing).

WeightWare keeps track of your body fat percentage in your Health records, allowing you to monitor changes in your body fat percentage over time. You can then use the WeightWare graphs to visualize how your body composition is changing over time (see sample graph below).

To use the Body Fat Calculator, simply select the correct tab (Male or Female) and fill in the required fields. Your body fat percentage will automatically be estimated for you.

Here is what several authorities recommend for a healthy body fat percentage:

American Dietetic Association:
Men 15 - 18%
Women 20 - 25%
Athletic Men 5 - 12%
Athletic Women 10 - 20%

Dr. C. Everett Koop:
Men 18-39 years old 8 - 19%
Women 18-39 21 - 32%
Men 40-59 11 - 21%
Women 40-59 23 - 33%
Men 60-79 13 - 24%
Women 60-79 24 - 35%

The body fat graph shows your body fat changes over time, along with the average for the selected time period:

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