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WeightWare - the Calendar Tab

The Calendar tab is a convenient way to review your weight changes over the recent past. Using this view, you can quickly see how much weight you have lost or gained each day and each week. At the bottom of the calendar, you'll see summary information for the month.

Weight and Trends in the Calendar

For each day you record your weight, it is shown in the calendar with colored, underlined text (if you don't record your weight, it will be estimated and shown in black text). The month's maximum weight is shown in red, and the month's minimum weight is in green. You can click on any of the underlined date fields to open that day's Weight and Health record, or simply hover your mouse over the text, to see a "balloon" tip summarizing that day's weight.

Each day in the Calendar shows your recorded weight for that date, along with your 30-day Daily Energy Trend. Your weekly averages are shown to the right, and monthly statistics are shown at the bottom of the Calendar. For each day's weight in the Calendar, one of the following icons will appear to illustrate your current weight trend:

  • - Modest Weight Loss
  • - Weight Loss
  • - Substantial Weight Loss
  • - Rapid Weight Loss (possibly unhealthy)
  • - Modest Weight Gain
  • - Weight Gain
  • - Substantial Weight Gain
  • - Rapid Weight Gain (possibly unhealthy)


If you record your exercises in WeightWare, you'll see an icon for exercise () for each day you exercised. You can hover your mouse over this icon to see a summary of that day's exercise, or click the icon to open up that day's exercise record. A weekly summary of your exercises can be seen by hovering your mouse over the weekly exercise summary icon () on the right side of the calendar.

Calendar Notes

You can add a free-form Calendar Note to any date in your Calendar. To create a note, do a right-mouse click on the date, and select "Add Calendar Note" from the popup menu. The Calendar Note icon () will show in the calendar for each date that has a note. You can hover your mouse over the note icon to see the note's contents, or click on the note to open it.

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