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Get more out of your cycling, with these handy tools. These tools are built into CycliStats, and can be accessed from the "Tools" menu.

Body Mass Index
This tool allows you to calculate your Body Mass Index, and do "what-if" analysis with it.

Body Fat Estimator
Using formulas developed by the US Dept. of Defense, and several simple body measurements, this tool will estimate your body fat percentage.

Climbing Calculator
Here's a tool for you mountain goats! Everything you need to know about riding the hills, including average grade, rate of climb, estimated ride times, etc.

Calorie and Watts Calculator
This tool will estimate the calories (or, joules) you burn during a bike ride.

Distance, Time, and Average Speed Calculator
This tool allows you to enter any two values (Distance, Time, or Average Speed), and calculate the third value with a simple mouse click. It's also a convenient way of converting these values between Imperial and Metric units. If you're in the US, this is a quick way of comparing your riding speed and distance to the pro peloton when you're watching the Tour de France (Warning: prepare to be disappointed!).

Gearing Calculator
This tool allows you to understand your bicycle's gearing, and assess the effect of gear changes. It will show you Gear-Inches, Development (in meters, centimeters, or feet), Speed based on Cadence, Cadence based on Speed, and Pedal Revolutions per mile or kilometer.

Grade Calculator
This tool allows you to quickly calculate the grade of your favorite local hill climb. The numbers in this screen shot are what Lance Armstrong did on the Alpe d'Huez time trial in 2004.

Time Difference Calculator
Enter any two Time values, and see the difference between them. Useful for determing how badly you beat your riding partner in the local hill climb (or, vice versa).

Unit of Measure Converter
This tool performs various unit of measure conversions, for Distance, Weight, and Temperature.

Wheel Circumference Calculator
Using this tool, you can easily cacluate your bike's wheel circumference. By entering this number in your cycle computer, you can be assured that it will accurately measure the distance of your bicycle rides.

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