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CycliStats™ - Tracking your Rides

The Rides tab shows your rides in a convenient spreadsheet format.  You can filter the list of rides by Name, Bike, and From and To dates.

At the bottom of the window, you'll see summary information for the list of rides, including number of rides, distance, time, average speed, elevation gained, and calories burned.

Sorting the List
You can sort the list of rides, by clicking on any of the column headers at the top of the list.  The view above shows the list sorted in descending Date order.

You can Print the current view by clicking on the Print or Preview buttons at the top.

Adding a New Ride
To add a new ride, click on the New Ride button in the upper left, or on the "Add..." button on this tab.

Editing a Ride
To edit a previously entered ride, double click on the ride, or highlight the ride, and click on the "Edit..." button.

Deleting a Ride
To delete a ride, click once on the ride so that it is highlighted.  Then, either click on the "Delete" button, or use your Delete key.

Data Entry
To speed up your data entry (because, speed is always a good thing), there are several data entry shortcuts.

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