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To enter a new ride, click on the "New Ride" button in the upper left corner on the main Toolbar.  This window will appear, allowing you to add new rides, or edit information from previous rides.

The only required fields are Name, Bike, Date, and Time. Ride Distance is optional, allowing you to enter stationary trainer rides, spin classes, etc.

Profile / Elevation Gain
Based on ride distance, and where you position the Profile slider, CycliStats will estimate how much climbing you did - this feature is unique to CycliStats. If you have a more accurate number for Elevation Gain (from an altimeter, or a topo map), you can override the estimated value by entering it directly.

Bicycle Calories and Watts
Another unique feature of CycliStats is the way it automatically estimates your Calories burned and Average Watts for each bicycle ride. If you want to modify the CycliStats estimate, clicking on the calculator button will display the Calories and Watts Calculator.

The CycliStats formula for computing Calories takes into account:
  • Rider weight
  • Bike and gear weight
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Elevation gained
  • Headwinds
By taking all of these factors into account, CycliStats is able to make a reasonably accurate estimate of your actual bicycle Calories burned for each ride. In the Graph and Statistics views, you can see summaries of your total bicycle Calories burned, by week, month, and year.


You can use the "Links" button, to link digital photos, documents, or web site addresses to your rides.

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