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CycliStats™ - Bicycle Maintenance

CycliStats allows you to track your bicycle maintenance activities, using the window below. By keeping track of the distance accumulated on your chain and tires, you can help avoid expensive repairs.

In this window, enter your Maintenance information. The only required fields are Bike, Date, and Description.  After entering your information, click on OK to save this Maintenance item in your CycliStats database.

Estimated Life
If you enter a value for Estimate Life, the Maintenance list shown will show you how many miles are left on this Maintenance Item.  When you get close to the end of the estimated life, the item will be highlighted in the Maintenance List.  This is a good way to remind yourself to change tires and chains on a regular basis.

Date Scrapped
When you "scrap" a part, you can either delete the Maintenance Item, or enter a "Date Scrapped".  If you enter a Date Scrapped, the item will remain in the database, but it will no longer accumulate distance, time or rides.  This is a good way to keep track of the actual mileage you get from different brands of tires.

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